When we started this journey, we were searching for the right way to understand and describe the way we were feeling about the world and the impact we knew we could have on it. We were certain that the premise of being better together, of being connected to real people in real life, of being part of a community, would be a part of everything we did going forward. But we didn’t have a simple way of describing it. After months of discussion, it suddenly came to one of our good friends in the middle of the night: We.

We work, we live, we sleep, we eat, we play, we learn, we grow, we give…

And thus we started — first with WeWork — creating a world where people make a life and not just a living by leveraging space, technology, design and most importantly community.

And then with WeLive — which will break down the barriers associated with the challenges of urban living.

And now we’re also focused on wellbeing programs, education and experiences that foster friendship, collaboration and empowerment as well as new ways of thinking about social impact with all humans in mind.

We’re still at the very early stages of our growth, and We remains our foundation. Now more than ever, creating opportunities for connection, promoting love and a focus on humanity is essential to empowering everything we do. Our responsibility is to humanize.

We Humanize.